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Foz d'Iguazu - Puerto Iguazu

sunny 35 °C

The Iguazu fall is, when at capacity the largest waterfall in the world. The Brazilian side promises the overall panoramic view, whilst the Argentinean side promises the close up experience. Keen to see the Brazilian side and stay on the Argentinean side that night, we caught two local buses to the national park and put our bags in a locker there. You catch a bus to the first stop and walk along a series of concrete and steel walkways to get various views of the falls. They are, of course very impressive, even at half of it’s capacity. If you imagine for a second, from the air the falls are the approximate shape of a capital P, where the Brazilian side is the straight bit and the Argentinean side is the curved bit. The straight bit is the river and the falls come down all around the curve of the P. So we walked up the river, up the straight bit of the P to the top, looking across to the literally thousands of cascades that when at capacity almost fully combine to form a continuous wall of rushing water.
What was also impressive was the amount of butterflies, which filled the air and covered the balustrades – closely followed by many fat and satisfied small lizards. The butterflies happily landed on you and drank from the perspiration on your skin combined with the mist from the waterfall.
As we approached the end where you get a closer look at one of the larger cascades by a series of steel walkways above a still-ish terrace, we saw a slide show of photos of when the falls were operating at their scary capacity – when the raging brown torrents ripped apart the catwalk we had just walked on. We left the park and transferred to a bus which would carry us over the Argentinean border. We had thrown away our immigration card (note you have to keep this if you go) however they let us through anyway. We caught another bus to the town of Peurto Iguazu close by and walked to our hostel. Getting a tip from three crazy Canadian girls who were just leaving to not take the room we were getting, we transferred to another dorm and were the only people in there – Bueno! It was bizarre to be hearing Spanish after 4 weeks in Brazil and finally beginning to get a grip on it, we kept saying words in Portugese, then realizing that they were wrong. Almost all words are different, but mostly quite similar so it wasn’t a complete waste of time. The hostel had a pool, which we used before getting some money, heading out and getting a steak and some wine. It was much more expensive than we were expecting, but it was good and still cheaper than eating out in Oz. Little did we realize that Argentina in general was much more expensive than we were expecting.

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Florianopolis - Foz D'Iguazu

sunny 33 °C

This day we decided to try and have a look around the rest of the massive Island of Santa Catarina before getting on the bus that evening. Over the last few days we had really only explored the south east of the island and there was much more to see. We weren’t really successful though as the public bus system required us to change buses all the time to get anywhere. We saw the large lagoon at the centre of the island, reportedly the place for all the bars and clubs outside of the city of Florianopolis. It wasn’t very exciting in the day though and we had run out of time. The most exciting part was meeting a guy who served us some Acai for our lunch snack at a gym café. He had excellent English which was odd anywhere is Brazil but especially in this town. It turned out that he learned his English entirely from watching movies. He would first watch in English with Portuguese subtitles, before switching to Portuguese with English subtitles. We were quite impressed.
When we got over it, we rushed back to the hostel to collect our bags and back to Florianopolis to catch our bus leaving around dusk, overnight to Foz d’Iguazu

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Ilha Santa Catarina

sunny 34 °C

Fri 27.03.09 Bus
The trip to Ilha Santa Caterina promised to be lengthy (6 hours to Sao Paolo, 12 to Florianopolis) so to offset our guilt about the sedentary day ahead, we went for a run. We check out the old fort up of the hill, complete with cannons from the 1600s then along the beach north of town. On the return Andrew made use of the chin –up bars, making him struggle back up the hill then we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and chatted with Wim & Martin before we said our goodbyes. We approached Sao Paulo around 7, just in time for their famous rush hour traffic, causing us to change our plans. We were hoping for a few hours to get a quick taste of the city and a bite to eat before jumping on the bus to Florianpolis at 10 but not wanting to risk missing our bus, we sat an ate an uninspiring meal in the bus terminal before boarding our third overnight bus.

Sat 28.03.09 Armacao
Arrived in Florianopolis, the main city on Ilha Santa Caterina. The sun was shining and we noticed it was already 30 degrees at 10am. On a whim in the tourist office, we decided to head to Armacao on the east coast of the island, south of Flori. After beating the price down a little, we checked into Bell Company Hostel, located right on the beach overlooking the water.
We then went out for a late lunch and had our first attempt at surfing with a 5’10” short-board borrowed for free from the hostel. Back at the hostel a guy (Jeremy – who hopes to run for the Greens as the federal MP for Stonnington, usurping Peter Costello) had bought 25kg muscles for R$40 (AU$26) and was cooking them up. Exhausted from travel, we went to bed earlier than the rest of the crew, who kicked on at the Elvis bar – the only place open in town, literally next door.

Sun 29.03.09 Armacao
Enjoyed breakfast on the Hostel’s terrace overlooking the water, enjoying the sound of the waves crashing below. Brimming with confidence & bravado we took the hostel’s short board and headed to Praira de Matadiero (lit. Bullfighter’s Beach), a bridge & a short walk over the ridge to the next bay where we joined up with some boys from the hostel. They’d hired a long board so all afternoon we took turns trying to carve up the waves. There wasn’t much success in the water from anyone really, especially on the short board but we did solidify our tans and later satisfied our appetites with dinner out at the same place as last night with good, large meals so it was a good day all said.

Mon 30.03.09 Armacao
Our task for this day was a 2 hour hike to a beach called Lagoinha d’Leste (lit. Small Western Lagoon) promising deserted sands and good waves. The walk took us along the Praia de Matadiero, then up through coastal rainforest over a ridge before the growth started to thin into scrub, heathland then grasses. We saw dozens of different butterflies, wildflowers and birds before the terrain became wild - dominated by the wind and granite cliffs and outcrops. The beach itself was very nice and well worth the hike. It was about 1.5kms long with nice sand, clear water, small but nice little waves and no more than 6 people on the long stretch at any one time.
After having a swim and basking for a while, we walked to the other end of the beach and hiked out, up and over the ridge for 30mins or so to reach the nearby sleepy fishing of Pantano do Sul to catch a bus back to our hostel in Armacao. We made dinner and then watched a bizarre Charlie-Chaplin style live comedic mime theatre show which our hostel owner was clearly very chuffed about, but was actually really crap. After the show, the local fisherman were getting drunk with some of the other guys at the hostel and busting out the kind of karaoke that could be used as torture in Guantanamo bay. We had a few drinks which turned into a lock-in, but nothing too late or crazy.

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sunny 28 °C

Leaving with Wim and Martin, we caught Rei Thomas (schooner) from Ilha Grande to Angra dos Reis, then a connecting local bus to Paraty. We called our hostel (Misti Chill) who could arrange free pick up from the bus station – in theory. We waited where directed to for around 20mins, called them again (double checking for fear of being caught in the Brazilian time warp) and then 10mins later a random South African girl bales up to me on a bike calling my name. We evidently had waited in the wrong spot. Turns out the hostel was worth the wait though as Wim, Martin & us were given a very warm reception by around 5 eager staff, treated to free ham & cheese toasties, coke & recommendations on what to see in Paraty. We strolled through the old colonial town centre at sunset and were impressed with the exceptionally preserved old town with it’s simple, colourful architecture.
We have witnessed some beautiful skies in Brazil, and tonight was no exception. The cloud formations are amazing, contributed to by the combination of high rainfall and high temperatures I think .The golden yellow sunlight was coming in low and illuminating wisps of low cloud, underneath a background of dark grey rain-clouds over. Maybe it’s just being on holidays and having the time to appreciate these things, but it seems as if Brazil has had an in-ordinate number of beautiful sunsets.
We had a crappy (but cheap) meal before returning to the hostel to see everyone has a much better one for the same price, with 3 caipairinhas for R$10 (A$6.50) thrown in to boot. We jealously watched everyone else eat whilst catching up on some emails. I’d just read emails from Mum and David and seen some photos of Dad’s funeral, so I went for a wander along the beach after dark and into town. Kate completed some internet tasks at the hostel. I found a nice little bar which seemed to specialize in cacaca (the cane-sugar based spirit which, due to the large number of brands originating from around Paraty, used to actually be called Paraty), though I didn’t try any there. I took some time there to write some thoughts down about Dad – It’s been hard to have missed the funeral.
I returned to the hostel and dragged Kate out to see the town at night. We paid a useless cover charge for 20mins of average live music, then left as the bar shut, pissed off they didn’t tell us they were closing soon. We bumped into a crowd from the hostel, out at a bar in the town and joined them for a few before respectfully declining the invitation to the town’s only nightclub.

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Ilha Grande

sunny 30 °C

Yes, the breakfast was the best in Brazil. When you’re traveling, it’s so fantastic to wake up to a good breakfast already prepared for you – it makes such a difference to how you feel about the day ahead and this one was a good one. Cereal (oh how we missed cereal), fresh juices, fruit salad, yogurt, cream, bread, ham, cheese, jams, fruit, cake and coffee. We ate enough to skip lunch.

We walked to Lopes Mendez beach, a 2 hour hike through rainforest over steep jungle terrain and along beaches with some beautiful sights along the way. An unintended detour revealed another cute and quiet beach called Abraoozihno. We intended to hire boards and surf, but the waves were too small to justify the effort and expense so we just jumped in for a swim and relaxed. Lopes Mendez is a justified highlight for the island, a long and easy arc of clean white sand and clear water. One can only get there by hiking in or boat. Deciding to walk back rather than catch the boat, we left with enough time to beat the darkness and make afternoon tea back at the B&B and stuff ourselves with free biscuits and coffee.

Two dutch men (a father and son duo) were also staying at the B&B – Wim and Martin. We ended up having dinner with them at a beach-side restaurant – Café de Mar (there’s one with that name in every town here). It rained heavily after our meal as it seems to every night at this time of year and we walked home in the rain to bed.

Starting with the same breakfast, this day we hiked to an inland waterfall (Cachoeria Feiticiera – literally witches waterfall), again through rainforest and jungle, past on old stone aqueduct . We saw a troupe of small possum-like animals along the way. We jumped into the pool at the base of the waterfall and gave ourselves a pressure-wash before walking to Praia de Feiticiera – a tiny but nice little beach 5mins further on.
Again declining the taxi-boat back to Abraoo, we trekked back along the trail and were rewarded with seeing a howler monkey crashing through the canopy before again stuffing ourselves full of free coffee and biscuits at the B&B. How did we ever manage without afternoon tea before?

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